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Wireless Online Smart Card Lock System(T8800W)
Introduction:1. Installation without cables 2. Real-time online system 3. Batteries powered

Wireless Online Smart Card Lock System:





Item Description  Model Remark
1 Wireless RF Card Lock TalenCa 8800W Different Appearance Available
2 Wireless Access Point(WAP) WAP08/WAP08P Connecting All Wireless Devices to Ethernet LAN
3 Wireless Network Bridge(WNB) WNB08 Connecting All Wireless Door Locks in
Different areas to Ethernet
4 Wireless USB Adaptor WA08U Optional, Used for System online Maintenance
5 Others Server Software, Interlinked Lock Management Software, Card Issuer, Smart Card, Ethernet Switch

1) No cables needed when installing door lock. It works with 4 AA alkaline batteries.
2) Up to 20m (65’) effective communication distance between WAP and WRFLock.
3) It adopts MIFARE contactless smart card of PHILIPS Company in Holland. It has advanced high performance and dependability.
4) Monitoring and recording all operations by host computer in real-time
5) Detecting wireless signal intensity by host computer, so that the system installation and commissioning is simple.
6) Low voltage detecting and alerting by host computer, so that the system maintenance is easy.
7) FLASH storage technology. Parameters info, card info, and records of all door locks can be saved in FLASH. Even when power supply is cut off, no data will be lost.
Multiple door locks can be unlocked by only one card. Multiple cards (Maximum 64 pcs) can open one door lock.
9) Opening Interface. Thus, you can realize the connection with all kinds of hotel management systems and realize the multi-purpose smart card management.

Floor Illustration:

Working Principles:
The communication system contains two parts: wireless network and wired network. WRFLock communicates with WNB and WAP through wireless signals. Host computer communicates with WAP through wired Ethernet LAN. Normally one wireless network is constituted on each floor, where there are many WRFLocks, one WAP and some WNBs. Wireless network is created by WAP. WNB and WRFLocks connected with WAP nearby automatically.

System Topologic Diagram:


Power Supply DC6V,4 AA Alkaline Batteries
Door-lock-opening Method Smart Card, or Override Mechanical Key
Standby Current <50µA
Life Span ≥100,000 Cycles
Distance of Reading Card ≥10mm
Supported RF Card Type Philips Mifare one S50 Smart card
Operating Frequency of Reading Card 13.56MHZ
Communications Speed of Reading Card 106KBPS
Wireless Frequency Band 2.4GHZ(Open band, FCC approved with no need to apply for a licenses for the band)
Wireless Communications Speed 200KBPS (Max.)
Distance of accessible communications 20m

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